SHIBANII unveils her journey into this mysterious field.........

The events which led to my exploring the varied dimensions of astrology make up a long journey

As a child I would often watch my father and grand father offer advice to people. Also always heard my father talking about his grand father predicting and guiding people through astrology. It was always an atmosphere of grahas, dashas, muhurtas and panchang at home.

Somewhere the seeds were sown right from childhood.

Born into a very spiritually rich family background where our day used to start by listening to chants of ATHARVASHIRSHA early morning by my father, DUTTA MAHARAJ , PARAYAN throughout the year by my grandfather(another blessed soul ). The family legacy has always been to guide people through astrology, whether it was my grandfather or my father, who pursuing his career also maintained it.

Though I had great admiration for their powers and the respect they generated amongst the people, I always wanted to follow a different profession and completed my MBA and was working in the Corporate sector for many years doing investment banking.

But my roots pulled me back as I was destined to become an astrologer and spiritualist with a unique ability of psychically intuitive and find my SWADHARMA (as rightly guided by a very noble soul I met in my life).

Born with a mystical power of clair intuitive and a very highly spiritual family background, incidences in my life made me turn into this mysterious field.

It is said that a child's first GURU are her parents. It is so true in my case.

I am blessed to have my first GURU at home. My FATHER , who ignited this flame inside me and started bestowing his teachings over me. I learnt my first astrology lessons with my FATHER , Mr. AJAY WADNAP( B.E. as of qualifications , builder as of profession , a totally technical person) but a core astrologer, always with very accurate and precise predictions. A very well read person with vast knowledge of anything and everything under the sky. I am blessed to be belonging to this family and now carrying forward this PARAMPARA…………….

" When one finds a true Guru , one conquers half the world ". It is my great fortune to have met all the great GURUS , my MENTORS throughout my entire lifespan who have bestowed abundant knowledge and blessings, whether it was childhood or now. In every halted situation , I have got aspiration and inspiration with their light of assistance to achieve what ever I am today and move towards all the peak and divine experiences of my life. This is one great platform to pay my heartfelt gratitude to them, to have contributed to fill in all the colours to complete DISHAA'S rainbow of light .

Due to my background, the first few years I spent in detailed research and study of astronomy, astrology, numerology, gemology and found my CORE into DOWSING…… I am blessed to be an INTUITIVE DOWSER

I have explored various ancient Indian , Greek and Egyptian treatises and mythologies ,though my core being the VEDAS and UPANISHADS , along with consulting an increasing clientele whom I value as friends and followers.

Apart from counseling, I also impart this knowledge through workshops and courses.

With an experience of 11 years in this field, I am pursuing my Ph.D for research in Astrology with Dowsing..

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