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Auras & Chakras

An individual has several bodies. The Physical Body is just that, this thing of flesh and blood and bones It lives and works on the Physical Plane.

Our physical body is surrounded by a cocoon of light, called the AURA

Auras are fields of luminous energy that surround a person like a halo, and can be seen or detected by those with intuitive abilities either with their physical eyes or their third eye (i.e. mind's eye).

It is often described as egg-shaped. Light energy is drawn into this egg, which acts like a prism, changing the light (or breaking it down) into its component color elements. Color energy then enters the body vibrating along the nerve centers.

Auras contain various colors, and the master intuitive can detect a person's dominant energies by the color of their aura. Each color conveys a different meaning.

The aura is made up of at least seven bands or (subtle) bodies: the etheric, the emotional, the mental, the astral and the causal, soul and spiritual. Some can see up to nine layers, and more.

Aura in scientific terms is bio energy field surrounding the human body.

Auras can be affected by the energies of people around us.You will often recognize or feel it when someone comes too close to you - infringing on your personal space.

People with powerful auras will have a lot of charisma.

A chakra is literally - from the Sanskrit - a spinning wheel. Although typically represented as a vertical row of rainbow dots along the front center of the body, each of the in-body (lower 7) chakras is much more than a colored dot, when balanced help us maintain health, are vehicles Chakras are psychic centres in the body anchored in place. Modern science says Chakras are connected to every endocrine gland governing the functions of the body.

There are major minor and micro mini Chakras in the body. Each chakra relates to a different aspect of your life

Every Chakra has a shape, size, colour, element, and sound attached to it personal empowerment, and connect us to the divine. Chakras are a reflection of your life situation they tell the story of your life.

To be healthy in the physical body, it is important to keep each chakra clean, open and in balance with those around it. There are numerous approaches to chakra wellness. Some include meditation, color, vibration, toning, chanting. Energy ascends from the lower Chakras and goes up to the upper Chakras.

Chakras and Auras are our interpretation of the things that are "there", within us, but we all perceive them differently. And in reality, we do not know the true nature of these things that we perceive as chakras and auras.

Our perception is real. But our perception is based on our knowledge and experience, and it varies from person to person.

It's not just theory - it's proven through experience. I've seen it multiple times - different people who can see different things, can describe the person with great accuracy - just like modern psychics can by looking at chakras and auras.

The whole thing sums up to tune into this great knowledge world of auras and chakras and perceive your problems, health, relations, future, spirituality in a much accurate , corrective and positive manner to have a serene and tranquil life leading your path to enlightenment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Aura reading ?

Exploring the information stored in the Aura which may include information about how you communicate, your truthfulness, your emotions, the use of your mind, your health, and how you deal with power. Temporary things show up, short-term problems, chronic complaints, and deep gifts of the soul. It's a huge reservoir of information .

Clarivouyants can access directly and now there are cameras available to do so. Then it is only reading, analyzing and interpreting the result , suggesting remedies.

2) What is the main difference between Auras and Chakras ?

Auras are on the outside while Chakras are internal. Chakras are spinning energy centres where electromagnetic energy is believed to emanate from. Auras are the resulting magnetic field. The Aura spiritual colors change with one's mood and intent but the chakras spiritual colors are more deeply anchored and remain constant. Only a major life event can change the color of one's Chakras. Aura and Chakra spiritual colors assist to connect people to their 'spiritual guides'. Doing so can help the individual maximize his/her potential and live a life full of happiness and well being.

3) What are Chakra databanks ?

Majorly the information in the Aura is concentrated in the body parts corresponding the Major Chakras. Each Of these contain these CHAKRA DATABANKS, which are the specialized chunks of information , specialized in different aspects of life respectively. They have the information like each ones finger print, unique and non changeable at all.

4) Why should I approach DISHAA ?

We at DISHAA will give you very specific feedback about gifts of your soul. These affect specific life areas including work talents, relationship needs, and so forth, direct, specific feedback straight from your aura. This will be accurate about you in the present moment. feedback will make it easier for you to evaluate the choices open to you at this time.Health issues also can be touched.

We always recommend that clients who are in crisis remember to do the practical things first, such as see a doctor, therapist, etc., before booking a session with us.

Psychological healing improves thinking, altering conscious and subconscious patterns. Work is the signature quality. You must work on yourself, and work hard. We help you distinguish between wishful thinking and a genuine divine connection, making it relatively easy for you to re-pattern thoughts and actions. Results come instantaneously, understood through Aha! experiences. And this healing is permanent.

DISHAA also facilitates workshops (level I & II)-----AURAS AND CHAKRAS.

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