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Ms Shibani came into my contact because of Aura Scanner. I learned that she is expert in many metaphysical fields such as astrology, Reiki & Pranik.
External energy release, Hypnotherapy & many and many more modalities.
She has sharp senses & intuitive powers with which she applies therapy to clients.
I referred some difficult cases to her & she diagnosed & healed the clients with her innovative & intuitive techniques.
She follows integrated approach & selects unique therapies for different clients as per her intuitions and their compatibility.
In a short span, Shibani also acquired technique of aura scanner operations & now also scans energies frequencies by aura scanner to determine issues & therapy. Thanks for being a part of the Aura Scanner Group.

Mr Rajendra Phatak
Aura Scanner , Mumbai

I have known Mrs. Shibani Kasulla since last 13 years. She is a very dynamic lady. Her Astrological prediction and Vastu tips have always been very accurate and many people have been benifited by those tips. I wish her all the very best for DISHAA LIFE SOLUTIONS.

Radhika Thombre, Pune

Life is full of uncertainities, but DISHAA LIFE SOLUTIONS is the one which guides you on the path to meet the ends.
Shibanii ----- really with her caring and holistic approach helps you to find the ends.

Ms. Aarti Uplap, Pune

I have had a somewhat difficult year and have participated in many healing modalities, but my interaction with Shibani has by far been the most restorative. Her understanding of the stars, plus her keen intuition is like 20 years of therapy.
I am grateful for the guidance I received especially since it was at a very complex and difficult time of my career path. I was very nervous and felt like I had no direction. Shibani always spoke honestly and gave me clarity and hope to move on through my hurdles.
She is s frank and tells the truth which sometimes not always easy to hear but when it came out correct it gave me the strength to handle it and move on and get to where I am today. I am definitely a believer and look forward to guidance in my future endeavors.

Aashish Leekha, Dubai

Shibani has always been most caring about me in all my interactions with her. She has gone to great lengths to help me sort out my issues. Always there to guide me give me advice that is very logical and very practical. I have greatly benefitted from DISHAA LIFE SOLUTIONS and would recommend it to anyone and everyone who wants workable solutions to their issues.

Neelum, Malaysia

Shibani is a very honest person. She is very passionate about healing the problems of the person who approaches her. She always brings about joy and wellness to your universe.

Surekha Barve, Mumbai

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