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Lama Fera Is The World's Fastest Healing Technique Used By Buddhist Monks In Ancient Times.

Lama-Fera Is The Union Of Two Words. Both The Words Have Their Own Identity And Importance.

'Lama' Means Sadguru, An Enlightened Guru Of Either Religion And ''Fera'' Means The Technique Of Healing. The System Can Help Increase Spiritual Abilities, Improve The Effectiveness Of Meditation, Relieve Pain And Discomfort Caused By Chronic Diseases, Remove Unwanted Spirits, Cleanse Buildings, Overcome Fear, Anxiety, Stress And Mental Tensions, Improve Memory And Visualisation, And Assist Reconnection With The Higher Self.

Basically Lama-Fera Is Buddhist Healing Technique Which Has Been Used Since 620 B.C. It Involves Calling Upon Lord Buddha To Come To The Healing Situation. His Healing Energy Flows Through The Healer To The Person Needing Healing In Lama-Fera

Though It's Method Of Treating Or Healing Is Quite Different From What We Practice In Reiki And Other Healing Therapies . A Practitioner Can Sense The Vibrations And Feel Change In His Energy Levels Just After The Session Of Lama-Fera. It Helps To Clear Negative Energy

It Does Not Result In Any Physical Problem Or Adverse Reaction. It Promotes Chemical Processing Of Body, Muscles, Bones, Digestive Disorders And Give Strength And Radiant Energy.

Earlier Also That It Eliminates Negative Energy From It's Core That Too In Short Time In Comparison To Other Healing Methods. Lama-Fera Is An Energy Healing System That Has Been Practiced Over The Centuries In The Buddhist Monasteries Of The Himalayas. As Lama-Fera Is A System Practiced Within The Buddhist Community, It Is An Appropriate Way To Give Healing To People Following The Buddhist Path. It May Also Be Used For People Who Are Not Buddhists And Belong To Other Communities

As The System Is Usually Practiced By Buddhist Monks; Initially, There Was No Traditional Self-Healing Procedure For The Lama-Fera Healers As Its Believed That Their Spiritual Practice Take Them Beyond The Need For Emotional And Mental Healing And Their Fellow Monks Will Be Available To Conduct Healing Sessions For Any Physical Conditions. Now A Days, With A Bit Of Creativity In Technique Lama-Fera Healers Will Be Able To Receive Healing For Themselves If Needed.

The Application Techniques for The Lama-Fera Healing Are Not The Same As With Most Other Energy Healing Systems Such As Reiki And Do Not Require The Laying On Of Hands. The Most Important Action Undertaken By The Healer Is To Act As A Channel For Lord Buddha So That He Can Be Conduct The Healing Session. In The Monasteries, Lama-Fera Healing Sessions Tend To Be Of Shorter Time Duration Than Traditional Reiki Style Healings But Are Repeated More Often Than With Reiki Before The Healing Sequence Is Completed.

Sh. S. K. Saini, A Researcher In Spiritual Healing And Enlightenment Techniques, Developed Lama-Fera Under Mahavajrayana Between 1992 - 1995 at Nepal-Tibbet Border Under The Guidance Of The Lamashri. ''Mandosa'' And ''Avdheshji'' Through Mantra's And Meditation By Using Aghore Tantra.

Further at the End Of 1995, Sh. S. K. Saini Added Some Symbols With The Use Of ''Shalvik Mantra Rahasya'' (Conversion Of Mantras Into Symbols) For Common People, Who Can Practice Easily Without Long And Tough Meditation.

An easy method of learning, it carries essence of BUDDHISM and the undaunted healing power of LORD BUDDHA.

It is a simple method which requires your sheer determination and even an illiterate person can also learn it. It builds a rapport with patients and generally takes 6 - 8 sessions to cure any ailment of any nature.

This is a AUTO HEALING SYSTEM for the body working on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Lama Fera and how does it work?

It is a Tibetan system of healing practiced by lamas since centuries. In this therapy, healing energy reaches to the desired place from Lord Buddha through the Lama Fera healer. Lama Fera healer carries a crystal wand in his hands and healing energies are released through it.

2) Is it only for human being?

No. Anything can be cured through Reiki. Human beings, plants, pets, situations, behavior, goal achievement; also Vastu , anywhere this can be applied.

3) Can anybody learn this art?

Yes, anybody can learn this art.

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