People always ask me ,out of the blue how come this field ?????

I have been an intuitive ( the one with a flickering sharp sixth sense) since childhood and indeed in my past lives from where I have carried forward this energy and legendary spiritual wisdom.

Everyone has varying degrees of psychic abilities. We exist in a multidimensional reality that we can access via different forms of focusing energy. Energy is vibration and everything carries its own unique vibration similar to a thumbprint.

Intuitives have varying abilities to tap into and utilize this energy for information. Thus, it is important for you to understand "how" a person is giving you a read and what to expect for the type of read they are doing.

For me it is through CORE DOWSING.


I have access to most of the psychic sense doors. I am a clairaudient i.e. the situation comes in completely as it has happened , when I dowse.

I also have medium abilities which means that I can be empathetic , which allows me to feel in my body your feelings, energy areas in your physical BODY or HOROSCOPES or VAASTU and the feelings and communication of guides and spirits that will be working with us .

It is a beautiful unique amalgamation of Knowledge + Information + Intuitions + Analysis = REMEDIES (end result).

I endeavor to give as much information as possible ensuring your easy decision making based on the whole picture; using wisdom and discernment.

I am happy to devote full time energies to my metaphysical gifts, in addition to developing, through referral, Indian and international following as a respected ASTROLOGER and intuitive DOWSER and SPIRITUALIST.

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