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Astro Graphology

The interest in handwriting as an indicator of personality has its origins far back in history

Graphology is the pseudoscientific analysis of the physical characteristics and patterns of handwriting purporting to be able to identify the writer, indicating psychological state at the time of writing, or evaluating personality characteristics.

Just like Astrology, Graphology is a human science. Handwriting reveals one's character with its strengths and weaknesses and is 100% unique. There is no one quite like you and no one who writes like you write!

Graphology or the art of hand-writing analysis is not only an aid to various fields of business like Human Resource Management, Banking, Criminal Scene Investigation Psychological analysis or Marital compatibility ,Medical diagnosis ,Education ,but also provides a personal input in astrological analysis for added accuracy. This match is called ASTRO GRAPHOLOGY.

The handwriting can also reveal if the inherent Planetary attitude, character and talents are present in the person and this can be used as a guidance for education or career as well as reaffirming the personality. Every planetary influence has its negative traits and when they apparent in the handwriting, it can prove to be the root cause of the unhappiness or failure. With this knowledge steps can be taken to rectify them.

Astro Graphology can be remarkably accurate as a character and personality assessment. It strengthens the analysis of handwritings revealing or confirming character traits. It is helpful in career guidance and emotional strengths or weakness though on its own it cannot be a predictive science.

Using GRAPHO THERAPY we at DISHAA will analyze your personality revealing your actual characteristics ,depicting your personality traits and assisting you , TRADEMARK your PERSONALITY.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is handwriting analysis ?

It is the study of the frozen graphics of printing and cursive writing to determine personality traits. An analogous study would be the projective technique of body language.

2) What all can be told about a personality?

Personality profiles are done for business applications in screening potential employees and in providing information for training needs. Counselors use the information for focusing their therapy on the personality's particular concerns. Personal analyses are used for compatibility and for self-assessments. Handwriting reveals hundreds of elements of the person's "personality and character," which include glimpses into the subconscious mind, emotional responsiveness, intellect, energy, fears and defenses, motivations, imagination, integrity, aptitudes, and even sex drives and issues of trust. There are over 100 individual traits revealed and an unlimited number of combinations.

3) Is handwriting analysis a science or an art?

It is a clinical science. The Library of Congress categorized it as a credible social science in 1981. It is not a hard science like chemistry. It falls under the same category as psychology.

4) What can be told from a person's signature?

The signature represents what a person wants the world to see or what he wants to be, an image that may or may not be the same as the inner self. Because a signature contains only a few letters, it does not provide enough information for the analyst to make a complete and accurate evaluation.

5) Can I really change my personality by changing my handwriting?

Grapho-Therapy is one of the most modern and effective behavioral modification tools available today. It works for two reasons. First, neuro-muscular connections have a direct impact on the neuro-pathways to the brain that hold patterns of behavior. Secondly, it gives the subject a clear and visual representation of the change she is making on a daily basis… reinforcing the belief system and cementing the change in behavior consciously and unconsciously.

6) Can you find out what job one might excel at by graphology traits?

Yes, it can be very helpful. It is a very common use for this science.

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