MTHS stands for Merlin Trinity Healing System. It is a system of healing that uses the power of love and light to heal the body on a physical, emotional and mental level. The whole system consists of three levels and was channeled (accessed from a higher reality) into existence by Anup Karlsson.

he reason it carries this name is because I was introduced to a process called channeling And the energy that was most fond of presenting itself through the channel called itself Merlin. Merlin would say that he was that very same magician from the times of King Arthur in Great Britain.

MTHS is a Therapeutic touch method in which the hands are used to "direct human energies to help or heal someone who is ill.

The Merlin Trinity Healing System is vastly different due to the fact that with therapeutic touch there is a lot of sensing and intuitive work to be done by the practitioner, I have no doubt that this method of healing is valid and worthy, but may take quite some time to master.

The MTHS is extremely simple to learn and use, and whether the person has just taken the level 1 workshop or has gone through all levels and been working with the energies for years, they will still be perfectly able and qualified to give a very powerful healing to themselves or another person. It must also be stressed that using MTHS over a period of time will certainly increase intuition and sensitivity.

MTHS allows powerful universal energies to flow through the body without thought or any kind of physical direction. These energies are from the highest source and are therefore infinitely intelligent knowing exactly what a person needs for wholeness and health.

Merlin Trinity Healing System will only ever enhance you spiritually; it will work in with "your way" as it follow. It is similar to Reiki in the fact that it is a hands on technique of healing. They are both universal energies and yet I find that MTHS is much more powerful in terms of waking people up. Awareness is increased and expanded much more rapidly using MTHS. The MTHS symbols are different than the ones used in Reiki.s no doctrines or religions. 

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