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Vastu Analysis

Vaastu Shastra is the ancient Indian science of architecture, which governs town planning and designing of man-made structures. A part of the Vedas, the word 'Vaastu' in Sanskrit means 'dwelling', and in the modern context it covers all buildings.

Vaastu pertains to the physical, psychological and spiritual order of the built environment, in consonance with the cosmic energies. It is a study of planetary influences on buildings and the people who live in them, and aims at providing guidelines for proper construction.

The fundamental premise of Vaastu rests on the assumption that the earth is a living organism and so every particle on earth and space possesses 'live energy'. According to Vaastushastra five elements - Earth, Fire, Water, Air or atmosphere and Sky or space - govern the principles of creation. These forces act for or against each other to create harmony and disharmony.

It also says that everything on earth - in some form or other - is influenced by the nine planets, and each of these planets guards a direction. So our dwellings are under the influence of the five elements and the nine planets. As a science, it extracts the positive energy from the natural elements of the universe.

The principles of Vaastu, which were laid down in the ancient times, are purely based on the effect of sunrays during different times of the day. They continue to be used by people till date, while undertaking any form of construction, to keep everything in equilibrium. It is a vast field of study that lays down certain principles, paving way for good health, wealth and prosperity to enter our house.

A positive cosmic field prevails in a Vaastulogically constructed house, where the atmosphere is congenial for a smooth and happy life.

Evidently, Vaastu is akin to the science of geopathy, the study of the diseases of the earth. In both these two disciplines, for instance, the presence of dampness, dressed stones, beehives and anthills are considered harmful for human habitation. Geopathy recognizes that electromagnetic radiations that are cosmic in origin surrounds the globe, a Vaastu treats Land as a human body. So as to maintain perfect health all systems of the body should work in consonance with each other so should the directions and portions of the house.It has a cause and effect relationship aiming at synchronizing every area of the dwelling to derive perfect benefit out of it.

The bye-laws of Vaastu relate to both architecture and designing as well. This native knowledge of ours has ventured internationally as well.

Aiming at creating harmonious environment it affects human psychology which automatically changes ways to treat people, things and emergencies. Vaastu ensures HEALTHY MIND with HEALTHY BODY.

Vaastu aligns cardinal directions to our house matching with geo energies and cycles of nature to provide our lives with a rhythmic flow.

The Himalayas, or Meru Parvat, oversee the whole of India in the likeness of the prime sahasrara chakra in the human body".

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why should one follow the principles of Vastu?

By understanding and harnessing the secret of the five elements - the Panchtatva- we can enrich our lives. If the five elements of nature are balanced, it will help you receive maximum life enhancing energy and support of nature. A Vastu expert understands the flow of energies around the building in question, and suggests means and methods to optimize the flow of these energies.

2) I live in a rented apartment , will its vastu characteristics affect me ?

Yes, they will, without any doubt.

Living Space has its effect on whoever lives in it, irrespective of whether the person is living for free, is paying a rent, or is the owner. Therefore, if your rented accomodation has vastu defects, then either ask your landlord to contact us for necessary action, or shift elsewhere.

3) I own a vastu - imperfect house, but I rented it out and do not live in it. Will that house still have a n effect on me ?

Yes, most certainly it will, as much as it would be ill-effecting your tenant.

Any property owned by you will influence your destiny, irrespective of wherever you live, because there is an occult relationship which links a property to its owner. Your priority should be to take immediate steps to rectify the vastu faults. It will benefit you as well as your tenant.

4) When will I notice the benefits of Vastu consultancy?

Typically, it takes around a month to notice positive improvements in your Vastu after you implement the advice of the Vastu consultant. In some cases, you may notice the improvements immediately.

5) What is the basic difference between Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui?

While both are ancient forms of energy corrections, there are some differences between both:

Vastu Shastra is based on science apart from topographical conditions, while Feng shui is based on geographical and traditional considerations.

Vastu Shastra considers air and space as elements; Feng shui has wood and metal.

While Vastu Shastra is a pre building development science, Feng shui is more effective post development.

6)Do I need to alter or demolish some sections of my building to benefit from Vastu Shastra?

In almost all cases, it is not needed to drastically alter / rebuilt anything. A good Vastu consultant can suggest improvements with a few adjustments / yantras or quick and easy remedies.

7)Can vastu defects be removed by doing poojas and homas ?

If your electrical fan is not working you will call an electrician rather than praying to GOD or performing poojas. Vastu is a science related to GEO energies, so doing all this to remove defects is nothing but a waste of time and energy.

8)Why should we opt for DISHAA for vastu analysis ?

We at DISHAA firstly believe in the ENERGY ANALYSIS of all the sections of the vastu primarily, cure the defects there and there first and then apply the Vastu principles so that the AURA of that vastu is completely clear to absorb all the POSITIVITY of these principles and the client is benefited maximum with wonderful results. So DISHAA LIFE SOLUTIONS.

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