THIS TOTALLY NEW systemic approach to eternal health and healing is amazingly simple, quick and very effective which can be learned and practiced immediately. All disease, body and mental malfunction can be approached and healed permanenetly with no limitation to its implementation.

This method has been constructed with the aid of the Ascended Masters, Medical Practitioners and overseen by Lord Melchizedek himself. The Melchizedek Method is a skill once known by the Great Master Teachers and Seers of the ancient Atlantean temples of self discovery and higher learning.

The technique is truly to encourage a person to take full responsibility for their own health, harmony and well-being, but of course is also designed to be implemented by another.

Holographic healing and rejuvenation, instrumental in ridding the planet of illness and disease.

Holographic healing is a multidimensional healing which accesses the original thought form and clears a personís body, mind, emotions, energy bodies, chakras and meridians. Often the result is so amazing and fast.

Your RNA/DNA was born through this holographic flower of life pattern. The finest particle of our atomic cell structure has this pattern within it.

A greater expansion of love and light without the negative thoughts and emotions. Holographic Healing is an amazing healing system which heals every aspect of a person. The I AM Presence & connect to God's divine unity consciousness. This is a totally new systematic approach to holographic healing & rejuvenation. All sessions include: Chakra Balancing, Physical Healing, Rejuvenation, Energy Meridian Balance...all preparing you for global ascension.

This INTERNATIONAL Healing Modality is very much activated & SHIBANII very finely infuses these techniques in all her Sessions............An Overall Spiritually Upliftment Session..........

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