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Bio Rythms

Universe is always in the state of flux. Someone so rightly said " the only thing which is constant in the universe is " CHANGE ". Everything in and around us is constantly moving. These changes are not abrupt but follow a pattern. Being able to read these patterns will able to predict the series of events in our lives. The science of reading these patterns is called BIORHYTHMS.

From the day we are born , a continuous range of cycles and rhythms recurs in a never - ending change .

Whether it is the tiniest cell in our body, our organic make up, our behavioural attitudes or our environment.

The human body is so attuned to these successive patterns like------ breathing and lungs, kidneys and their functions, heart and its beating, day and night, spring ,summer, autumn , winter----- that more often than not, we accept them without thinking.

Some we fight and there must be more that we do not even know about it yet.

But rarely do we recognize any of them as cyclic events.

Such cycles, which assume a variety of forms in a wide range of organisms, are known as biological rhythms.

Governing human biological cycles-the "computer" that operates our biological clocks-is the pineal gland, a cone-shaped structure about the size of a pea located deep inside the brain.

The notion of periodic cycles in human fortunes is ancient; for instance, it is found in natal astrology and in folk beliefs about "lucky days.

Bio rhythms provide a wholesome method of knowing events in your life nearing accuracy.

A graphical representation of emotional, physical, intellectual, intuitional cycles start right at the time of birth till that of death. They are as precise as to give you the outcome of the day and the way it will affect your life.

Explore compatibility, career graph, employment, nature and behavior of people around you, peaks and through, highs and lows, etc.

Bio Rhythms is a quicker, and more accurate method with no hidden or occult magic.

So follow your Bio Rhythms and organize your life in a far more positive sphere.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How biorhythms and biorhythm charts affect lives?

The biorhythms are a source of positive motivation and planning. Biorhythms depict ones daily state of BEING through the Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Intuitional graphs. These patterns exactly coincide with Highs and Lows in ones days. So when one knows about these highs and lows so many HUMAN ERRORS and ACCIDENTS can also be avoided.

2) What are critical days ?

The Biorhythmic graph will give the exact Critical days period and also the days before and after these known as sub - critical days. Critical Days are the days to watch for. These are the days when we are the most vulnerable and therefore we need to be more cautious. The cycle is in the state of flux, which causes us to experience a great deal of instability. These are the days we feel more tired and drained out and also are more susiptible to health issues. More possibility of miscalculations and misinterpretations, negative and depressive feelings.

3) Precautions to be taken on Critical Days ..

It is usually best to avoid activities that are governed by the Biorhythm having critical or sub critical days. Especially taking important decisions , commuting carefully, taking heed of even small health issues etc. should be noted. It may not always be possible to do so, but if we know our cycles and then plan accordingly, things will be much easier.

4) What aspects do the Biorhythmic graph cover in the 3 cycles ?

Physical cycle (23 days) affects fitness, strength and stamina.

Emotional cycle (28 days) affects mood, emotions, perception and creativity.

Intellectual cycle (33 days) affects thinking, learning, memory, communication, logical and analytical abilities.

5) How does DISHAA help ?

DISHAA, gives the graphical report of your HIGHS and LOWS weekly. Also a complete analysis of coincidences of the ups and downs of your physical, emotional, intellectual cycles and interpret their effects on your profession , relations and other planning, etc. So that you may prepare yourself for that time.

You can not predict the future with biorhythms, but you can give yourself the advantage of informed judgement. This chart can definitely serve to guide in those choices. It is not a panacea for a perfect life, but an advisor. The outcome of your day to day activities is, for the most part, in your hands.

Not to open a can of cosmic worms here, but at DISHAA , we believe that it is a mixture of pure fate and our own rational and emotional choices that rule our destiny. Using practical observation, long-term research, measuring, comparison, DISHAA will help critical days to be a positive experience, because you are ready for them.

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