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The ALL INDIA FEDERATION OF ASTROLOGERS ( AIFAS ) have organised an INTERNATIONAL ASTROLOGY CONFERENCE @ The Sahara International Mumbai ,based on --- CURRENCY & SHARE MARKET. ( Event Date 24th Jan 2016 )

This is a one day MAHA SAMMELAN where in the Artha Shastra , the financial market ups & downs will be discussed from the point of view of the well known Astrologers from India along with the known personalities from the Financial Corporate industry, Cabinet Ministries & also some other
celebrities, along with a 500 - 600 participants from all over & Mumbai.

Financial Astrology is a very legendary knowledge & practice.

John Pierpont Morgan had a personal astrologer on staff, and he was attributed as saying "Millionaires don't use astrologers, but billionaires do.

 Some of the seasoned financial astrologers include *Claude Weiss, Bill
Meridian, Arch Crawford, Grace Morris, Ray Merriman* .......

AIFAS is also launching a new software for the financial predictions called THE LEO STAR FORECAST software. A small know - how about the software ------

The Leo Star Forecast software is based only on astrology. We feed the olddata of the item we want to predict. It computes planetary position and finds out what planet combination is responsible for fluctuation in the price of the product. It uses these coefficients to predict its future rates. Results are astonishingly accurate upto 80%. The same software is used for weather forecasting.

We have another software for predicting health or anything else related to individual horoscope. In this software we enter thousands of birth details. Computer finds out combinations which give one kind of property to one group of charts and predicts for any chart for health or finance or profession or even longevity. This program can be really useful for insurance companies to reduce their payments or define the factor of risk.

These programs are based on astrology but not traditional astrology where in we look for 3-4 combinations only to predict. Here computer uses about 2000 combinations for any prediction.

The Corporate may either participate as Co - sponsors , Partners  or may have a stall. Since it is a complete Finance & Investment based Sammelan a crowd of around 500 participants is expected along with a publicity all around Mumbai & India reaching a lot more. 

Being an alumnus of SIBM 1999 - 2001 batch, I take immense pleasure in inviting the batch of 2015-16 for this event.  

So, go ahead and explore THE LEO STAR FORECAST SOFTWARE use it as a CRYSTAL BALL  to monitor transits to any currency & tap the quintessential Market Timings, using a combination of their Planetary Cycles  complimenting your Technical Analysis.

Please hurry up & confirm with me cause we have the first Media Release on the  22nd Dec 2015 @ the Press Club , Mumbai, where in we need to mention and out the Major participants & partners.

The Media coverage will be as follows :


Times Of India, Indian Express, DNA, Hindustan Times, Mid - Day, Afternoon, Business Line, Business Standard, PTI & UNI.


Maharashtra Times, Loksatta, Sakal, Samana, Lokmat, Prahaar, Pudhari, Mi Marathi, Navshakti, Punya Nagari, Tarun Bharat.

Hindi :

Navbharat Times, Navabharat, Hindi Samana, Hamara Mahanagar, Yashobhumi, Jagruk Times, Pratahakaal, Dabang Duniya, Business Standard Hindi.

Gujarati :

Gujrathi Samachar, Mumbai Samachar, Jnmabhumi, Divya Bhaskar, Mid - Day Guj, Sandesh, Vyapar.

TV channels :

Doordaarshan, ETV, Zee News, ANI, ABP News, IBN Lokmat, TV9, Live India ,  Mi Marathi, Jai Maharashtra & News 24

A Press Conference on 22nd Dec 2015 @ Press Club , Mumbai will be held for the release in Mumbai as print as well as TV medias where in all the partners , sponsors , co sponsors , etc. will be announced.

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