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Kojagiri Pournima - Shri Yantra

Activation of the SHREE YANTRA For Stabilising ABUNDANCE in all forms in ur life.......

When Jupiter and moon are together in same sign or in mutual kendra from each other normally Gajkesari yoga is formed. 

Jupiter is known as the karak planet of wealth, knowledge, fame, luck and children while Moon is known as karak planet of heart, softness, mobility, happiness and prosperity. Hence, Gajkesari yoga gives the person a lot of opportunities to earn wealth. Particularly persons having Gaj kesari yoga in their horoscope or kundli must do this activation of the SHREE YANTRA for abundance to get the maximum benefit from these planets.

Everyone else would otherwise also benefit by this activation , when u place this charged energized YANTRA in ur worship place or ur  altar or office or shops.

In the spiritual dimension, words do not exist because words are creations of the intellect.  Thoughts do not exist because thoughts are creations of the mind. 

So how do we discover or express an internal experience? 

  • Through symbols And these symbols are known as yantras and mandalas . 
  • There are different stages or grades of yantras. 
  • The Sri Yantra is the most important yantra in the entire collection of mantras and yantras.
  • The Sri Yantra is the symbol of cosmic energy, the cosmic mother. It has been given many names, but traditionally it is called Mahamaya. Maha means great, maya means the power of illusion.
  • Maya is the identification with something which is not real.
  • In the alpha beta gama states of human mind beyond time, space and object lies the realm of the spirit. 
  • This spiritual dimension is symbolized through yantras and mandalas. 
  • This is the dimension of Mahamaya where we will try to reach n meditate.
  • Spiritual reality is Mahamaya, the cosmic power which controls & governs the illusion is Mahamaya.
  • Sri Yantra is the symbol of Mahamaya.
  • It has been experienced by many and also stated in the scriptures that when we wear or have a yantra, the symbol of any cosmic force, it acts like a magnet to attract that cosmic energy. So when we concentrate or practise meditation on Sri Yantra or any other yantra, we are using that as a tool to focus the cosmic energy within us.
  • Just as a satellite identifies a building and then directs a missile to that building, in the same manner when we have a yantra or meditate on it it creates a force field around us. 
  • We cannot see it through the naked eye, but the force field exists and attracts the greater force to itself. 
  • When we concentrate on a yantra, we are focusing the cosmic energy within us. 
  • When we wear a yantra, we are directing the cosmic energy pervading the universe to that point of the yantra on us.
  • In the higher states of meditation Sri Yantra is used to access the deeper realms of consciousness. 
  • Once this power focuses on us, all that is auspicious, good and benevolent will come to us. 
  • Kojagiri Pournima 2016 , planetary positioning is also very favourable to accelerate & activate this phenomena for all of us......
  • It will be a force that protects us from negativity and distresses of life revitalising our Abundance Energies.........

DATE : 15th October 2016

Venue : Zoom Space, Parsik Hill, Nerul

Time : 6pm to 8pm

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